Digital Filmmaking in Sharjah

2011.  I recently applied to be on the Fulbright Specialist Program list.

One important motivation for my application to be included on the list is that it provides a great opportunity for me to collaborate with educational institutions or organizations, faculty and administrators in foreign countries in several ways—as a filmmaker, teacher, artist-designer-producer, or educational program consultant.

My application describes the knowledge and experience I have and how that could be particularly useful in international contexts to faculty and programs in new, innovative, and creative fields of scholarship that integrate/apply film and digital media design–such as fine arts, mass communication, educational technology, and others.

Part of the application asked “what are your five most important professional accomplishments?”

It’s a very difficult question, at least it was for myself.

One of the most important accomplishments was when I designed from scratch a learning facility for digital design and media production with a complete curriculum (accredited).

The program and facility were voted “Best Educational Facility” by the Digital Media magazine.
I consider this accomplishment, the design of the facility, its resources and its educational programs, to be one of the top three things I have ever accomplished in my life.

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I am a documentary filmmaker, teacher, writer, and musician. I have lived, worked, and traveled in many parts of the world, and look forward to more adventures and opportunities for learning in the future. I am using this blog as a process of learning, a chance to reflect upon the past, and a good way to express what I know in the moment.

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