A Romney-Palin ticket? Tell me it’s true!

A Romney-Palin ticket in ’12?  Sarah Palin for VP?  I couldn’t stop laughing, in between my gasps for air, when I read this article.  Yeah baby, bring ’em on.





I am all for a Romney-Palin ticket because it is the best and surest possible way to ensure an Obama victory.  It would be mayhem and torture to the mind as the illogic and inanity of both of ’em would be hitting the fan on an hourly basis.  Those two would be sticking their feet into each other’s mouths over and over again and all Obama would have to do is pull up a chair and watch it play out.  This can’t be good for the country, having such duplicitous air-heads vying for supreme leadership, but it’s true.   I can’t believe that Romney could possibly be so dumb as to accept take the bait and bring Palin on board, or could he?

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I am a documentary filmmaker, teacher, writer, and musician. I have lived, worked, and traveled in many parts of the world, and look forward to more adventures and opportunities for learning in the future. I am using this blog as a process of learning, a chance to reflect upon the past, and a good way to express what I know in the moment.

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