Lawsuit against LAUSD could shake up how CA evaluates teachers

Poor test results by students?  Blame the teacher!  This is an increasingly common presumption and accusation.  But, blaming the teacher for the ills and failures in student test scores is a fallacy.  To blame teachers when parents are remiss or entirely absent from the quotient is shameful.


I agree that student success with the various tests is an important concern.  But it is overly-simplistic to dump all the blame for poor test results on teachers.  As the previous comment mentions, there is a long term legacy of problems in k-12 education that feed into poor test results, and this blame doesn’t only rest with bad teachers (however “bad” may be construed). Where are parents in this quagmire? In my view, many or perhaps most parents are missing in action–then voicing blame upon teachers for what parents are unable to provide for their own children.

As a teacher, I see parents who are nearly or fully disengaged with student learning at school, expecting the school/teacher to be an all-inclusive magic making problem-solver and baby sitter.  I see parents who think their end of the bargain in free public education can be assigned to someone else and goes no further than dropping the child off at school and then driving away.

Many parents pay lip service to the importance of education and test results but do very little ensure that success can happen.  They have little engagement with the daily work of children, at school or in the daily homework–and certainly not in test preparations.  Learning for children should be a holistic activity with parents, teachers, the school itself and the child involved as one. The problem of poor test results is the also the result of insufficient parental involvement–this is at least as much of an explanation as poor teaching.

Parents—get more involved in the daily work of your child and you will surely see improved test results in the classroom!

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2 thoughts on “Lawsuit against LAUSD could shake up how CA evaluates teachers

  1. This may be true but you have neglected to address what is creating or worst threat yet , and that is facillitated by testing, which for the record, are incur ate ools for measuring students’ proficiency and teachers success. Struggles with students , their parents and teachers are a given, but what would you say is I told you school districts provoke much of the contention, which is why parents avoid open house like the plague. I dread them from both ends. My kid’s teachers adore him, and I rarely have issues with parents . I understand however their plight in today’s economic crisis. Even before that, they struggle to make ends meet. Thus supporting a famil gets in the way of show your support for them.
    Unfortunately neither parents nor teachers see much support from highly paid school leaders who could implement email exchanges, organize picnics for all of us , offer homework classes to parents, who they can help out. Most schools fail to supply remediation, rarely reach out to IEP parents And they have reasons you’re not going to like .
    Administration at Lausd operate on a divide and conquer imaparative that is designed to disrupt our efforts, distracting us from the shady dealings that are always afoot it seems with the white chalk crooks. Tests are an example of one of the educRAT€ most inspired scams yet. They have been a controversial. Issue I public school since they began, perhaps a necessary evil. The kind it test that works are CAHSEE with some deference to more than bubble sheets , exams Devine where a kid is strong air not, but maybe not , so a margin of error that is over 45% on CST scores are clearly limited .
    The language on the test is culturally biased, it’s insidiously dull and cryptically covering standards that aren’t all that pragmatic. It doesn’t rely on formative assessments either. Infant. It doesn’t go back to see a kids prior score to correlate a child’s progress. The child and teacher are expecte do be at grade level, and when the student isn’t, the teachers get punished. You ‘d think fiir16 million a year, Scholastic would give us more than bubble sheets and packets made with cheap newsprint packets.
    The test is void from widespread cheating,.
    It’s not a very sound way to operate schools biut is am interesting approach to j investments ..vulture Philanthropists can squeeze billions out Lausd , but that is not enough . They are using tests to cleanse the teaching force so TFA temps can be hired to deliver more Schslastic in form of scripted lesson. Thy will expedite dropping out by murdering academic freedom.
    They will also.make men like Deasy richer. Mr. Deasy has made no secret of his contempt. For parents and teachers . His criminal indifference to student’s us what worries me.

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