Fillmjolk (Buttermilk): How to make heavenly sour milk

images-1FILMJOLK is a Swedish drink that resembles the best qualities of fresh (long) buttermilk, drinkable plain yogurt, or milk kefir.

What You Need to make Filmjolk

Fresh filmjolk starter (I am trying to use Siggi’s Plain Swedish Style Filmjolk 0% as my starter)

Glass jar (I use a glass half gallon milk bottle)

Fresh milk

Wooden (or plastic) spoon


Coffee filter

Step 1

Measure a tablespoon of fresh filmjolk nonfat drinkable yogurt as starter (Siggi’s Plain 0%)  for each 1 cup of milk.  Calculate 1 scoop for every 8-10 oz glass for fermentation. I use a half gallon size glass milk jar, mix with funnel about 56 oz milk with 6 – 8 oz starter.

Step 2

Pour filmjolk starter into the glass jar and Pour fresh milk into the jar (one tablespoon for each cup of starter).

Step 3

Put on a lid (if available) and shake the bottle to mix, and/or I use a wooden or plastic spoon/stick to mix the starter evenly through the milk. NOTE: Don’t use metal because it will react with fermented foods. Mix the mixture well.

Step 4

Rubber-band a coffee filter or piece of cheese cloth around the top of your jar to allow air circulation. Select a location to place your filmjolk away from sunlight and in an area that remains at room temperature.


Step 5

Allow your filmjolk to ferment for at least 12 hours, although I wait for 24 or more hours to achieve a more tangy taste.  Check it to see if the mixture has thickened and gelled after 12 -14 hours. If not to your liking, allow it to ferment for up to another 6 hours.  I let it sit for more time so I can aim for that “tangy” (sour) taste.  Less time less tangy.  Both are good.

Step 6

Put your filmjolk in the refrigerator after it has set. Let it stay in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours before setting aside some of the yogurt for a new batch.

Step 7

Reserve a tablespoon of your filmjolk for each cup of yogurt you would like to make in your next batch.

Make sure to begin fermenting your next batch within a week, or your cultures will weaken.

Eat or drink the rest of the yogurt.

Happy filmjolk!

images-7 images-8 images-5 images-6

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