Returning home in Bangkok

Today I appreciated the notion of home in a deeper way.  I am in Bangkok at this time.  When I come home to Bangkok for teaching at Ramkhamhaeng University my home away from home is SC Park Hotel in Bangkok.  It is located in the heart of massive urban sprawl with an interesting presence of many Thai Muslims in the local community of hurrying Buddhists.  But all religions step aside for the crass and continuous commercialization palpable in this deep city.  Plastic christmas trees with fake santas and muzak snowflakes are everywhere these days in shopping-crazed Bangkok.

Finding a casual and serene place to stay that prioritizes peace and quiet is and has always been my goal.  The Atlanta is near all the great Arabic restaurants in Bangkok, and The Atlanta is great and affordable too but it is way too far away from the University.  SC Park has a peaceful vibe, an excellent restaurant but no bar.  There is a calm pool with very nice open garden that clouds the noise.  This hotel is close to the Institute for International Studies where I am teaching.  Lots of pros and a few cons.  But I digress.  I ventured and strayed away from home.  I stayed out of curiosity at a different hotel this time.  A fine looking place from the exterior, a good location, and an appealing online presence.  I imagined an even better situation so I bought the lotto ticket and it failed.

After a fitful night of restless sleep on a peculiarly odiferous pillow and a poor to mediocre breakfast offering, I worried and wondered if I had made a mistake in my adventure away from home.  Then I noticed details as I walked through the dark hallways and corners.  Soon thereafter I was convinced to return my Bangkok home for the same price but an exponentially greater feeling of contentment and productivity.  It’s all in the details.  I feel better now.

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