I am reviving an old project of mine from the 1970s and 80s. At that time I was passionate about fiddle playing and old time music from the southwest Missouri Ozarks. I approached this music as a fiddler, filmmaker, and ethno-musicologist.

CLICK HERE for musical examples

At this time I am trying to organize all of the 16mm film, various video formats, audio recordings, photographs, and other materials that I produced at that time that feature several fiddle players from that region . I believe my work is good and the music is great. The goal is to digitize all the analog elements and to design a creative and useful website for students and general audiences of this music.


PHOTO: Emmanuel Wood (fiddle) and Family, Ozark, Missouri. 1981.

My objective at this time is to have all of the analog elements (field recordings and footage) that I produced of Emmanuel Wood and Family, Lonnie Robertson, Art Galbraith, and others, preparing these materials for archival preservation, digitization, and access by website.

Some initial examples of work to be digitized include the following:

1) I would be happy if you will take the time to watch Echoes of the Ozarks — a 30 minute documentary I produced in 1984 in Ava, MO.  The film was funded by NEH and others.  Your input is welcome

2) I would also be happy if you will listen to the short radio documentary Missouri Fiddlin’.  This 15 minute audio documentary will give you an idea of the quality and nature of the recordings. The documentary is followed by a 40 minute sampling of recordings of fiddle playing.

Please feel free to share your response, ideas, or suggestions as I move forward. Thanks, Anthony

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