Learning assessment, Finnish style

I am trying to find new, innovative, and useful models for assessing higher learning in student work.  I also seek formative assessment through self-reflection upon my own performance as a teacher-facilitator. Five purposes of mathematics assessment have been outlined by Kulm (1994) as the following: improving instruction and learning, evaluating student progress, providing feedback forContinue reading “Learning assessment, Finnish style”

Online marketing an independent documentary

This website is a very good example for students of independent filmmaking as a well-done example of online marketing and promotion. http://www.theentertainersmovie.com/ I would like to know more about the ragtime style of piano-playing after seeing the various clips.  I love what the left hand is doing with those amazing bass lines.

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC: A Fulbright grant

I am happy and grateful to receive a 2017-19 Fulbright FLEX grant for doing research at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic (AUCA). My research project is develop and write an “indigenous” curriculum for higher education and creative practice at AUCA, in the nascent Department of TV, Cinema and Visual Arts. In doing my researchContinue reading “KYRGYZ REPUBLIC: A Fulbright grant”

The publication of my first book!

I am very happy that my doctoral dissertation has been published and internationally distributed by LPO Lambert (Germany).  My plan now is to construct a few shorter books from the various sections of the dissertation, examining topics such as the learnability of creativity, filmmaking as a systematic process of work, the practice of grounded theory for filmmaking,Continue reading “The publication of my first book!”

The music of Osvaldo Golijov

Today, I first heard “AYRE,” a very unique song cycle by a contemporary Argentine composer, Osvaldo Golijov (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osvaldo_Golijov). Wow,  I am thrilled, absolutely enchanted, by what I hear.  This music is a beautiful and wonderful mix of textures and sensibilities, performed on a wide range of voices and instruments. Check out the bio, works andContinue reading “The music of Osvaldo Golijov”

Concerto for Oboe & Orchestra by John Corigliano

        I remember being deeply thrilled with wonderment when I first heard John Corigliano’s Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra. It seemed so new and insane, yet ancient to my ears in a wonderful sort of way. Movement #1 Movement #3 It is a wild ride, so nice. John Corigliano: http://www.johncorigliano.com    

RIP Richie Havens, thank you!

A lot of bad news flowing around these days and the news about Richie Havens’ death can be added to the unfortunate list. ABOUT RICHIE HAVENS As a guitarist I have been greatly influenced by Havens’ guitar playing style and the wonderful sound of his music.  His voice resonates in a profound way and his energy is captivating.  I was fortunateContinue reading “RIP Richie Havens, thank you!”