My Bucket List: Places to go in the Philippines

THIS ARTICLE provides useful information about some fantastic, off-the-beaten-track places to go in the Philippines.  I already had my own list of places for reclining and recreating in the Philippines, but this list adds several new and astonishing ones to the mix.



Dubai: Where the future begins

This is an 8-minute documentary that I produced for the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) several years ago.  Re-edited (from 15-min to 8-min) and finally put online!

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC: A Fulbright grant

I am happy and grateful to receive a 2017-19 Fulbright FLEX grant for doing research at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic (AUCA).

My research project is develop and write an “indigenous” curriculum for higher education and creative practice at AUCA, in the nascent Department of TV, Cinema and Visual Arts.

In doing my research for the development of a “local” curriculum in “TV, Cinema and Visual Arts” I am learning about the scope and nature of Kyrgyz cinema.  Yes, there is a cinema culture in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

I am happy to learn about an established online presence for the film industry in Kyrgyz, with a nice website for marketing the country’s actors, production companies, directors and technical support professionals, and a wide range of exterior locations.  .


As I move to have closer ties in Kyrgyzstan with scholars, filmmakers, and others, I am also looking for collaborative projects (video, film, photo, research, others) for production.  I hope to explore and research in Bishkek and surrounding areas in Kyrgyzstan, with a base of operations in Bishkek.  Folk Music?  Pastoral or nomadic communities in transition?  From what images I have seen there is astonishing beauty there and it looks like a healthy place in the mountains with hot and cold springs of vary types, famous for spas and healthy treatment.  Kyrgyz Republic also boasts the largest stand in the world of walnut forestlands.  I am trying to develop an understanding of the history, geography, and cultural diversity in Kyrgyz Republic.  Feel free to share your ideas with me.


A Lumad Prayer in Bendum, Philippines

I am re-editing some documentary projects that I produced years ago in the upland forests of Mindanao, Philippines.  My son says my style as a filmmaker is antiquated and extinct, and he is probably correct, but it’s my best effort and hopefully achieves some level of mindful simplicity in an online context.


Deepak Chopra leads a meditation session

DEEPAK CHOPRA Meditation Session

I like to listen to audio of the session without video.


Pilipino History (US-Philippines War 1898-1910?)

FamilyCigar copy.jpg

Pinoy Kollektor

HERE is a link to a fascinating educational web presentation of historical photographs and information about Tobacco in the Philippines.   Good for comparison of Blogspot and WordPress too.



Skeeters or Snakes?: You have to pick your poison

Fascinating story, possible horrible.  Is the potential for mosquito mayhem a further ramification of global warming?  As I understand the problem, an increase in mosquitos is the result of the winter cold snap not being sufficient to wipe our last year’s crop of the critters, so they keep getting bigger and more problematic for us.

This article is useful–it confirms my anxiety about being confronted by poisonous snakes while walking in the jungle.  Now I can rest assured that my anxiety and trepidation of encountering that couple of cobras around the rushing creek, or that rattler in the Mohave, or others—these were based upon logic and science, not my own fear and insecurity!  It was ancient voices speaking intuitively with me, hooray!

The demonization of mosquitos is useful too–confirming and consistent with my theory that it’s the little critters that will actually bring degrees of ruination to jungle visitors, not the big stuff.  It’ll be the little devil that you never knew was there that brings you down, not the giant wild boar or 11 foot mamba or shimmering 800 pound Siberian tiger.

I am reminded to write about my days and nights after visitation from a blood sucking cockroach in Mindanao.

Anyway, vitamin B-11 (or is B-1?) as a form of repellant against mosquitos is effective as I recall after my own tests in Missouri and Iowa during the Summer 1979.  It’s good, only if you can tolerate the odor that it generates from your pores.  The main point is to obstruct, deter, and repel mosquitos from landing upon one’s bloody yummy-ness because there is no known antidote to malaria, dengue, and whatever else.  Snakes hate mosquitos too, so they ar ranked #1 as unsympathetic antagonists.