proprioceptive writing

I have become very interested in the techniques and potential results from proprioceptive writing.  Here is a good website that describes a proprioceptive writing session:



Tape is gone, but it lives on!

A useful writing that explains the absence of audio tape stock.  CLICK HERE

“Recording on tape enforces a musical process, McTear explains. Band members must play together, recording all at once, instead of editing and manipulating sounds so perfectly that they’re perfectly boring.”  I love this approach to musicianship and recording arts.

Beyond Free WordPress

I love WordPress for many reasons but I try to teach my students that “free wordpress” is a relative term:


Creative ESL for K-12?

How do I introduce K-12 ESL students from South Korea and beyond to history and context while staying nearby to storytelling and creative performance? We’ve been reciting and reflecting upon some of Aesop’s fables but it might be useful to try basic Shakespeare.  It has been a nice journey so far so let’s probe deeper, OK?>.

I appreciate this BBC educational media work about some of Shakespeare’s works


How to blog and have it mean something

This story is required reading for my students: ROCKET MAN


What is 3D printing?

This article provides a concise introduction to 3D printing.


How to tune a Banjo

I am learning to play the Banjo.  I have two long-nick Plectrum Banjos, one for each tuning, a beautiful 5-string Banjo, and an Irish Tenor Banjo.

CLICK HERE for a useful list of different tunings for some kinds of Banjos (in the USA and Ireland)