Now there’s Trump so I return to Zinn

Some folks are long overdue for their first reading of A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.  In my case, I was overdue for a re-read and it has been very helpful.  With recent political developments as they have been and a tendency to forecast ominously for the future I provide this link toContinue reading “Now there’s Trump so I return to Zinn”

Affordable Care Act

A new “5-year rule” in California allows the government to recover their costs for social services received by you. Question: Are the insurance subsidies under the ACA to be considered as a social service received?  Presumably so, but I am not sure. Under the new rule the government can demand to be paid back from your estate for theContinue reading “Affordable Care Act”


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The publication of my first book!

I am very happy that my doctoral dissertation has been published and internationally distributed by LPO Lambert (Germany).  My plan now is to construct a few shorter books from the various sections of the dissertation, examining topics such as the learnability of creativity, filmmaking as a systematic process of work, the practice of grounded theory for filmmaking,Continue reading “The publication of my first book!”

Defiant Defectors from the US Army

I am developing a docudrama about a soldier in the US Army who defected to the enemy side in 1899 during the Philippines-US War on the island of Luzon. Throughout US History there are lots of other great examples of defection, some recent, but I’m most interested in Black US soldiers in the Pilipino-American War who defectedContinue reading “Defiant Defectors from the US Army”

The music of Osvaldo Golijov

Today, I first heard “AYRE,” a very unique song cycle by a contemporary Argentine composer, Osvaldo Golijov ( Wow,  I am thrilled, absolutely enchanted, by what I hear.  This music is a beautiful and wonderful mix of textures and sensibilities, performed on a wide range of voices and instruments. Check out the bio, works andContinue reading “The music of Osvaldo Golijov”

Fillmjolk (Buttermilk): How to make heavenly sour milk

FILMJOLK is a Swedish drink that resembles the best qualities of fresh (long) buttermilk, drinkable plain yogurt, or milk kefir. What You Need to make Filmjolk Fresh filmjolk starter (I am trying to use Siggi’s Plain Swedish Style Filmjolk 0% as my starter) Glass jar (I use a glass half gallon milk bottle) Fresh milk Wooden (or plastic) spoonContinue reading “Fillmjolk (Buttermilk): How to make heavenly sour milk”

Student Loans and the Road to Eternal Poverty

I noticed a SF documentary filmmaker ( is developing and producing a feature about the “student loan crisis.” I wish him great success. Posing the question to myself, I ask what is the student loan crisis?  This gets my mind whirring. So the following is a response to the student loan crisis. Just like Erasmus the Educator, Artist, aContinue reading “Student Loans and the Road to Eternal Poverty”

Concerto for Oboe & Orchestra by John Corigliano

        I remember being deeply thrilled with wonderment when I first heard John Corigliano’s Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra. It seemed so new and insane, yet ancient to my ears in a wonderful sort of way. Movement #1 Movement #3 It is a wild ride, so nice. John Corigliano:    

RIP Richie Havens, thank you!

A lot of bad news flowing around these days and the news about Richie Havens’ death can be added to the unfortunate list. ABOUT RICHIE HAVENS As a guitarist I have been greatly influenced by Havens’ guitar playing style and the wonderful sound of his music.  His voice resonates in a profound way and his energy is captivating.  I was fortunateContinue reading “RIP Richie Havens, thank you!”

The repression of dissent: The Occupy movement was (temporarily?) quashed by a coordinated BLOB of Police, FBI, and Banks

Thanks to my friend, Myles Cummings, now in the UK, who steered me to an interesting article with very ominous overtones about the FBI coordination with banks for the crackdown upon the Occupy Movement activities. SEE: I have written in earlier blog entries on this site about my philosophical support for the Occupy movementContinue reading “The repression of dissent: The Occupy movement was (temporarily?) quashed by a coordinated BLOB of Police, FBI, and Banks”

Anthony Collins, Jr., PVHS Football 2012, and the best highlight reel EVER!

Here is the highlight reel of my son’s 2012 season as a player on the PVHS Football Team.  I think it is the best highlight reel I have ever seen–sure, I’m biased but take a look for yourself.  Somehow, a little magic circle appears to indicate where Anthony is on the field–wearing #2 SEE:

In memory of my friend, Bob Morgan

I had a dream last night that was full of music, specifically, Saturday Night Waltz–from Aaron Copeland’s RODEO.   To my ears, this is a melodic dance from a timeless heavenly valley.   I have loved that piece since I was a 3-year old boy.  I don[‘t recall the story of the dream but IContinue reading “In memory of my friend, Bob Morgan”

Skeeters or Snakes?: You have to pick your poison Fascinating story, possible horrible.  Is the potential for mosquito mayhem a further ramification of global warming?  As I understand the problem, an increase in mosquitos is the result of the winter cold snap not being sufficient to wipe our last year’s crop of the critters, so they keep getting bigger and more problematic forContinue reading “Skeeters or Snakes?: You have to pick your poison”

Anthony Collins, Jr.: Athlete, scholar, musician, and gentleman

I find so much joy these days when I go out and watch my kids play sports–all three of them are involved in an array of sports—baseball, soccer, softball, rugby, football, basketball. Here is a photo taken last week of my oldest son, Anthony Jr., who is a running back on the PVHS Varsity footballContinue reading “Anthony Collins, Jr.: Athlete, scholar, musician, and gentleman”