Alan Dershowitz: My hero, Alan Allen and Woody Dershowitz

This link has three interview clips with one of my heroes, Alan Dershowitz, a great thinker, scholar, and advocate for justice. LINK:–dershowitz-says.html It is well worth the time to watch the interview(s). –Woody Dershowitz? –Alan Allen? My fascination with Dershowitz is enhanced by the fact that Dershowitz’s voice reminds me so much of WoodyContinue reading “Alan Dershowitz: My hero, Alan Allen and Woody Dershowitz”

Guro Dan Inosanto: PE Teacher at Malaga Cove School

I was lucky as a young person at Malaga Cove intermediate school. I was lucky because I had GURO Dan Inasanto was my PE teacher in grades 6, 7, and 8.  GURO=GURU ( Guro Dan Insosanto’s website is: As our teacher and role model, he was authentic and awe-inspiring.  I believe this could be said about allContinue reading “Guro Dan Inosanto: PE Teacher at Malaga Cove School”

TO: Sven Herold (

Dear Sven: I know this is an unusual way to initiate contact, but I would like to work with you at Shell.  Not sure what more to do aside from applying online, but that means HR scrutiny.  It is my opinion that the job, Exec Producer/Creative Director is far away from the mainstream categories forContinue reading “TO: Sven Herold (”

Red-back black widow spiders in Sharjah (UAE) and in Palos Verdes Estates, California (USA)

I will dedicate an entire section area to the category of spiders.  This is the first entry, in the category of spiders but it is not day #1 of the story.  I will write more on this topic.  I intend to write many stories about spiders and myself, the relationship of spiders with me andContinue reading “Red-back black widow spiders in Sharjah (UAE) and in Palos Verdes Estates, California (USA)”

Poetry and fragrances in ol’ Araby and in all the lands of Islam

POETRY OF THE TALIBAN I know that the Taliban are not necessarily Arabs, nor are they known for their poetic works, but this article sounds promising about a new book about the Poetry of the Taliban. Read about the book, Poetry of the Taliban,  HERE An interesting and important read. Salam Verses of the Holy Q’uranContinue reading “Poetry and fragrances in ol’ Araby and in all the lands of Islam”

Why are Job-creating Republicans so upset about Obamacare?

I have been trying to figure out, with some precision and specificity—Why so many Republican-Conservative-“job-creators” are so bug-eyed and frothing at the mouth about Affordable Health Care?  The months and years of simmering disdain have spiked upwards to a boiling point in the last 24 hours, exacerbated by the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that upheldContinue reading “Why are Job-creating Republicans so upset about Obamacare?”

James Carville

In the past I didn’t understand Carville’s approach or persona; but in the last few years I have grown to greatly respect and enjoy his writing and sense of humor.  It’s a good read. The USA has formed a dangerously inequitable gap between the haves and the have nots, where the have nots areContinue reading “James Carville”

Bela Bartok: Romanian Dances

There are many great and near-great performances of Bartok’s Romanian Dances, usually performed on violin or viola or cello with piano, or for piano solo too.  There is an orchestral version too. I love this music and have played the viola and the violin versions myself with a lot of pleasure and some degree ofContinue reading “Bela Bartok: Romanian Dances”

Alan Dershowitz: The antidote to circular logic

I am a big admirer of Alan Dershowitz, the renowned Harvard Professor, legal scholar, and advocate for justice.  F. Lee Bailey is right up there near the top of the list for the best, but Prof. Dershowitz gets my vote for #1. Through the years he has (for me) represented the highest levels of criticalContinue reading “Alan Dershowitz: The antidote to circular logic”

Our dangerous world: WWIII in Asia and Africa?

Please consider the following website: I recall walking around the dusty villages of eastern/coastal Kenya in 1994.  I recall being in Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, and being anchored off the coast of Somalia in 1994.  Back then, I sensed a tension, an underlying layer of dissent, fear, and anger in local communities.  During myContinue reading “Our dangerous world: WWIII in Asia and Africa?”

Lawsuit against LAUSD could shake up how CA evaluates teachers

Poor test results by students?  Blame the teacher!  This is an increasingly common presumption and accusation.  But, blaming the teacher for the ills and failures in student test scores is a fallacy.  To blame teachers when parents are remiss or entirely absent from the quotient is shameful. SEE: I agree that student success withContinue reading “Lawsuit against LAUSD could shake up how CA evaluates teachers”

A Romney-Palin ticket? Tell me it’s true!

A Romney-Palin ticket in ’12?  Sarah Palin for VP?  I couldn’t stop laughing, in between my gasps for air, when I read this article.  Yeah baby, bring ’em on.   I am all for a Romney-Palin ticket because it is the best and surest possible way to ensure an Obama victory.  ItContinue reading “A Romney-Palin ticket? Tell me it’s true!”

Is a work of Art (and/or the process of making Art by an Artist) a form of scholarship and scholarly research?

The short response to the question is “yes, sometimes.”  When an artist is able to reflect, articulate, and contextualize their art work, then “yes, work in Art is a a form of scholarship and scholarly research.”  However, wait, not so fast.  It’s not that easy.  The question is either hotly debated or flippantly dismissed. TheContinue reading “Is a work of Art (and/or the process of making Art by an Artist) a form of scholarship and scholarly research?”

Beautiful Kabul, with snow

Kabul and Afghanistan, in general, are very beautiful places to visually SEE and experience, although it is true that its aesthetic beauty is trumped by a dark reality of death and suffering. There a lot of ways to die in Afghanistan and this fact is present everywhere, all around you. With this photo of KabulContinue reading “Beautiful Kabul, with snow”

“Harvest” by Neil Young

Harvest—-A most enchanting song, “Harvest” by Neil Young.  It keeps circling around in my head and heart.  Sure, it’s not the only song that does that to me, but it is one of the best ones lately. Find the song here: I encourage to listen to the audio, sing out loud while reading the lyricsContinue reading ““Harvest” by Neil Young”

English as the “official language” in the USA? WTF?!

Those who ignore history and doomed to repeat that history. In this case, the repeat is more like deja vu all over again—The hydra-headed beast that is called the 2012 Republican candidates (I can’t seem to distinguish that group with the GOP moniker) is forcing the world around them to relive the sufferingly old debateContinue reading “English as the “official language” in the USA? WTF?!”

Obama’s triggers for bombing Iran

A military skirmish or war would be a horrid turn of events, in my view. The US (its government and the general majority of its population) is truly ignorant and arrogant about Iran and most of what Iran represents.  In this sense I am referring to the cultural history of Iran, and Islamic belief asContinue reading “Obama’s triggers for bombing Iran”

Banks and Business license fees in Torrance

Why are banks allowed an exemption from paying a business license fee in the city of Torrance, California?  As I have pursued an answer to this question I have learned that banks are also exempt from business license fees in many cities throughout Los Angeles county, and probably beyond.  Why?  I have not found anyContinue reading “Banks and Business license fees in Torrance”

Inequality and unfairness in higher education salaries

I am probably opening a can of worms for myself by writing about matters that require a revolution before real change can occur–but I feel compelled and clear that I want and need to write. I have been in the process of seeking and applying for gainful employment in the Los Angeles area.  I feelContinue reading “Inequality and unfairness in higher education salaries”

Six Waltons have more wealth than bottom 30%

I recently read with great interest an online Forbes article titled, “Six Waltons have more wealth than bottom 30%.” Sadly, I found this article to be a typical example of “blame the victim” although the victim is the 30% and not the Waltons.  As you probably know, the Waltons are the ultra-rich founding family ofContinue reading “Six Waltons have more wealth than bottom 30%”

What is the difference between feeling and thought?

A difference between feelings and thoughts?  It’s possibly as simple as breaking it down to this: Do I feel  X? or Do I feel like X?  One is a feeling (the first) and the other (the second) is a thought. Why is this an issue for me? I have begun a process of “talking therapy”Continue reading “What is the difference between feeling and thought?”