Digital Filmmaking in Sharjah

2011.  I recently applied to be on the Fulbright Specialist Program list. One important motivation for my application to be included on the list is that it provides a great opportunity for me to collaborate with educational institutions or organizations, faculty and administrators in foreign countries in several ways—as a filmmaker, teacher, artist-designer-producer, or educationalContinue reading “Digital Filmmaking in Sharjah”

How is filmmaking studied in schools?

I participate in an oftentimes interesting online dialogue at: In a recent thread a writer wrote in response to a query about the best way for someone to learn to be a filmmaker: “…she’d be better off as a producer and writer — writing is one of her strengths — than as a director and editor,Continue reading “How is filmmaking studied in schools?”

A filmmaker’s night downtown

I have recently become a reader and contributor to the listserv.  I am inspired by some of the “doculinker” filmmakers who spend their nights downtown with their cameras to document the situation, at the risk of arrest. Other are being told by filmmakers in many parts of the world, beyond downtown LA–stories aboutContinue reading “A filmmaker’s night downtown”


I was writing in an earlier entry to this blog about the LRAD and its appropriateness for use against Somali piracy. But any generalized assumption on my part about the nature and causes of Somali piracy causes me to reconsider what I have just written–it is probably nothing more than an oversimplication–what if some ofContinue reading “NOTE about SOMALI PIRACY and ITS PIRATES”

Occupy LA and an unethical response to dissent

I am disturbed by an arrogant disregard among common folks as they consider the Occupy LA movement.  I am troubled by their underlying assumption that this movement has no logical core and that what the “protesters” are doing is wrong or pointless.  I have been searching for ways to involve myself and to express my assentContinue reading “Occupy LA and an unethical response to dissent”

Playing at Valmonte School with my son, Niall

Today I walked to Valmonte School with my 7 year old son, Niall.  The first thing I noticed was the breathlessness that I sensed as I walked up and down the steep but tiny hills that are on the way to/from the school.  Far too out of shape for my own good!  As I huffedContinue reading “Playing at Valmonte School with my son, Niall”

A documentary film about Jack London, author and photographer

These days I am writing and researching about Jack London (1876-1916) as I develop a grant proposal in the search for funds.  He is a highly-esteemed American author of fiction, nonfiction–and a photographer too.   He had a spectacular yet brief life and I want to produce a documentary film for PBS about him.  IContinue reading “A documentary film about Jack London, author and photographer”

About my friend, RL “Bob” Morgan

About my friend, RL “Bob” Morgan

One of the first things I want to write about is the struggle my friend, Bob Morgan, is having in his battle with cancer.  He has an ongoing blog that describes the process of treatment he is undergoing—please visit his blog.

Bob and I have had a friendship since we were age 3.  Bob has blossomed as a man, husband, father, and all around family man of the best kind—with his lovely wife, Eve, and his daughters, Julia and Annika steadfast at his side.  My friendship with Bob has survived for a long time and I am grateful for the huge range of things that we did and learned together over these many years.  Bob lost his wonderful mom, Marion, and his dad, Harry, a few years ago and they are sorely missed.  But now Bob has an epic struggle of his own to endure and he is a battler.  I am so impressed with his ability to learn and know what is happening throughout this ordeal.  He writes reflectively and in an informed way about the details and big picture of what he is enduring, and for that I am amazed and grateful.  In my own blog I will write about some stories about what we did together over the years, with appropriate editing so as to not mortify the kids or the feint of heart!  I hope that these stories will be considered to be fun to read and will be helpful for his recovery.  

My prayers are for Bob and his speedy recovery, and I ask that you all send out good energy to Bob!