English as the “official language” in the USA? WTF?!

Those who ignore history and doomed to repeat that history.

In this case, the repeat is more like deja vu all over again—The hydra-headed beast that is called the 2012 Republican candidates (I can’t seem to distinguish that group with the GOP moniker) is forcing the world around them to relive the sufferingly old debate about English as the official language in the USA>  This is like a rerun screening of a very bad film in a  dilapidated drive-in with the smoke-belching engine running and running.  This is a group that pretends to “know,” but in fact seem to know nothing about lessons from the past.

Submitted: EVIDENCE of research problem (Old and tired and dismissed argumentation about English as an official language is making a comeback, like a flu that didn’t go away…

Perry supports English as official language in US

By Philip Elliott


I am not sure why I was inclined to insert an image of Churchill here, but it’s probably because I believe this quote is attributed to him and it seems appropriate support for my counter-argument—-those who ignore history and doomed to repeat that history (Churchill?)

In my view, English as an official language relies upon a tired, nauseatingly arrogant, and tediously-myopic assumption that an “official language” is somehow needed in this country, and that the official language needs to be ENGLISH.  The possibilities are frightening, yet laughable.  It is goofy and a waste of time that this debate is making a comeback.

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