Old time fiddle music in the Ozarks 1980s

My new project dates back more than 40 years ago. Back in the early 1980s I traveled with my lifelong friend, Bob Morgan, in my beautiful 1970 VW poptop van to Missouri. We took our best audio and photo gear and ventured to the Ozarks and beyond with a $750 grant from UCLA. We were seeking some great fiddle music and musicians in the general area of Missouri. We made a great collection of recordings. I have digitized some of the audio but I am seeking funds for the hours of video, 16mm film, LPs, and photos, in addition to the audio recordings. I have started a Kickstarter campaign. CLICK HERE

Published by iefilmmaker

I am a filmmaker, teacher, and consultant, based in Los Angeles, California. I am working on projects and assignments worldwide. Please visit my website (www.anthonycollinsfilm.com) to consider my creative, scholarly, and professional work as Producer, Writer, Editor and Director.

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