Alan Dershowitz: The antidote to circular logic

I am a big admirer of Alan Dershowitz, the renowned Harvard Professor, legal scholar, and advocate for justice.  F. Lee Bailey is right up there near the top of the list for the best, but Prof. Dershowitz gets my vote for #1.

Through the years he has (for me) represented the highest levels of critical thinking.  He has profound abilities to articulate  deep analysis of ideas, legal concepts, and notions of fairness.  Sure, I admit that I am a contrarian, deconstructionist, bleeding heart for the accused and the downtrodden, a lifelong liberal by nature, and a lover of the promise for due process under the law, but Prof. Dershowitz is for me a scholar and advocate that has opened my eyes, ears, and mind up to the less-than-obvious–but supremely important sides–to what might seem to be slam-dunk conclusion in many cases.  I recognize that he has riled up the feathers of many, some of whom threaten, castigate, and demean his character–but no one can credibly deny that he is a brilliant thinker with an important voice to be heard.   My opinion is that his critics are pale in the light of his genius, and so they shrink to name-calling, illogic, and mean-spirited threats.

I was reading about and watching a recent CNN interview with Prof. Dershowitz about the Sandusky case.

He described Sandusky’s defense team as “inept.”  I would really like to know the details of what he thinks could be (or could have been) done differently (and better?) by the Sandusky defense.  In my cursory following of the case, there is something seems fishy about the undercurrent of the investigation, the testimony, and the trial process.  I keep thinking of the McMartin case and how the accusers/prosecution ended up in a tautological quagmire and defeat.

I don’t want to defend Sandusky, especially after his guilty verdict last night (June 22),  but I do trust the skepticism of Prof. Dershowitz to at least question what has been going on.  If there is an appeal by Sandusky, I hope that Dershowitz will step in although I don’t know if that is in the cards.

Later, I found some other articles about the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case, especially the absurd threats by Prosecutor Corey to “sue” Dershowitz, Harvard, and anyone else who questions her approach and tactics.  Unlike the Sandusky example, his thoughts about the Corey-Zimmerman-Martin-Harvard exchange are crystal clear, right, and proper–as expressed in the link below-provided.   He writes clearly and succinctly.  Long live Dershowitz!

PS  It is amazing to me how he resembles Woody Allen, in a good way.  I hope that Woody uses Allen some day in a film.

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