Defiant Defectors from the US Army

I am developing a docudrama about a soldier in the US Army who defected to the enemy side in 1899 during the Philippines-US War on the island of Luzon.Scene of fighting near Manila, Virginian-Pilot, March 17 1899-1.jpg

Throughout US History there are lots of other great examples of defection, some recent, but I’m most interested in Black US soldiers in the Pilipino-American War who defected to the Nacionalista side during the war years at the turn of the 20th century.

The topic is deep and rich.  Knowing more about any defector from any war is of interest to me at this stage.  The historical continuities are fascinating.  There are fantastic and peculiar stories of those who defected to Nacionalista Philippines, North Korea, ex-USSR, PRC, VietCong, and much more.

I think this article useful in a general way. Everything is data!!!


I’d be thrilled to hear from others who may have knowledge or interest in this history.


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